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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost 4 months later...

 ...And I finally have the time (and mentality) to write my blog!


Where do I begin??!! I'm not sure if I love this or if I'm used to it, but I do know I am In LOVE with my beautiful baby girl. So lets start from the beginning, lets take a trip to July 31st 2015 @ 3:40am....

As my husband heads out the door to work around 3 a.m., here I am still sound asleep in bed, but I'm feeling the urge to get up and pee. I lay in bed hoping my urge goes away, but nope it doesn't. I'm gathering the energy to get myself out of bed. At this point I've gained 35lbs and can barely move. As I'm rolling out of bed I feel a *Pop* inside of me. Less than a pop of a knee joint but more than a pop of a knuckle. It honestly felt like a water ballon popped inside me, the time was 3:40am. Of course I don't believe it happened, so I walk to the bathroom, because now I think I have peed myself since (since I had to go anyway), but nope! I'm not urinating, I'm leaking. Then I notice the dreaded meconuem, something I didn't want to happen, but yes, the baby pooped inside of me. The water wasn't clear, it was greenish. Oh yeah, I still haven't called my husband to tell him... lol ... 

Well, I actually pee and then call the hubby, I non-chalantly tell him, "ummm my water broke" this was just 14 minutes after he had sat at his desk. And he leaps up and races back home. In the meantime, my contractions immediately start to come two minutes apart about 40 seconds long. They slowly were intensifying but nothing too bad just yet. Oh yeah, at this point I go downstairs to wake my mom and step dad up and tell them "it's time". Unfortunately my sis, who had been here all week, happened to leave the night before. She was here a week and Angelina never came! 

I have to mention something, may be TMI but this is about my pregnancy no? Well when my water broke I had the sudden urge to poop, and poop I did! A LOT! My stool loosened up and there was no stopping it. Mother nature wanted me to clear EVERYTHING out of my body. Yeah, lets leave it there. 🏃🏻🏃🏻🚽🚽💩💩💩

As Jason arrives and we're getting ready to pack into the car, my body is shivering! I'm so nervous, at least I think it's nerves, but I'm sure it's also pregnancy stuff, and my contractions are still intense and now I'm finding myself stopping to catch my breath as they were coming on. The feeling that is a contraction I don't know how to explain, but it's definitely something that was quickly becoming painful. The time now is about 5am. 

The drive to the hospital was rather quick, I was still having contractions two minutes apart and about 60 seconds long. There really wasn't time to relax, AT ALL! But at this point I can still talk and breathe through my contractions. Everyone seems rather quite, not much craziness happening right now. 

So we arrive to the birthing center...as I step out, I grab the car door and squeeze as my contractions are squeezing my insides! Take a breath and walk in, tell security we are going to triage, and off we go!
My step dad at this point is starting to freak out, he can't see me in pain. When Lilo died and I was on the floor bawling, he left the room and went outside. Now I'm hunched over just breathing and he's about to freak out. lol. Just Jason and I go up to triage, my parents park the car and wait to hear from us. 

We check in to triage at about 5:30 am...I think, may have been closer to 6, it really doesn't matter because things are getting intense now. They check me in rather quickly, and off we go!

Once we're in, yeah I have to poop again, a lot. Well I'm 3cm dilated, and the contractions are starting to make me go cross-eyed! The nurse asked me at this point (its about 6am) if I wanted an epidural as she's sweeping my membranes to get the baby to move...Well if you recall from my last post, I was happily going to go all natural. But now...change in plans! I told Jason, "F*** that hippie shit. Give me that epidural!"
Well, when you ask for the epidural the doctors don't come running in to put it in you...IF HE'S BUSY HE WILL TAKE HIS TIME, plus i'd like him to his time with me. So it was now 8 am...no epidural...

                                                               (Part 1)


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