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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Move to El Paso

Moving to Far West Texas Where do I begin, of course the easiest part is talking about all the good...Lets start there. I'm really enjoying my new home in FAAAAAR West Texas/Northern Mexico/Southern New Mexico/Borderland. Coming from somewhere that is just about 6 feet above sea level to have mountains surrounding me is a nice change. It's beautiful at time, there's beautiful sunrises, and amazing sunsets. The land of the path, El Paso, although there's a lot of sand around and no ocean in sight, it's not too bad. I do miss the ocean, but the lack of humidity here is WONDERFUL for the hair, my curls stay in ALL DAY! 
I like my place, Lilo does too we enjoy going for walks although she's getting a little old and her hips and knees are starting to act up. We do not like the cold, at all. It's in the 20's or 30's every morning, we both freeze. I like the Sprouts supermarkets, it's a great spot!
There's none back at home, so this is as close as I can get to a Fresh Market or Trader Joe's, it's definitely no Whole Foods, but none the less I can get what I need from here and get the rest of my stuff at Costco, WalMart, Albertson's...Trying to keep it organic of course, always preservative free and no processed food, UNLESS I'm eating Mexican Food!
Oh Boy, yes of course there's plenty to choose from here,    but L and J's has to be by far the best one! OH EM GEE. I love chips and salsa and they are amazeballs there. Also some great sushi places in town. But of course nothing is like Miami where you can have a great food like Bourbon Steak or a yummy burger like Burger & Beer. There is this place The Hoppy Monk, so cute and has great food, not your normal bar food (I recommend), and of course craft beers galore on tap. Great location, great atmosphere.

Well that's the good, now the downside, well I miss home A LOT. I really do miss Miami and my family. I enjoyed having a full house of people and dogs. Barely talk to my mom since our schedules don't coordinate. I have no furniture in my place except my bed, my tv, of course my Ninja Blender and K-Cup coffee maker. Finally got pots & pans, but I don't really feel like cooking these days. My co-worker was nice enough to let me borrow a fold able table to have a place to sit. Now Lilo loves the lack of furniture, she just runs around all day long! lol.

It's a little depressing walking into a house with white walls and no furniture, TV on the ground and a folding table in the dining room.

2013 couldn't have a had a worse start to the year...Big Move, no one that I know out here. My uncle passes away on the anniversary of my cousins passing (they both had cancer), I lose my best friend, My sister's husband gets killed in a tragic accident, my boyfriends splits...what else oh yeah and the loneliness.

But I have to say I love my job, it's been so incredible. My co-workers have been great and helpful, not a problem lending a helping hand (which is rare). It's fun to come to work and have people that actually smile and care. Although yes I do come to work at 4 am, it just means I go to bed early, no biggie it's nice to get some sleep on my nice bed with an amazing mattress topper. lol.
Getting used to the hours and making friends out here.
You'll be happy to know I have contacted ACS out here, and I'm looking forward to working with them, the Relay for Life of El Paso is in May, so you'll have time to recover and donate again :)

I've been keeping busy out here, events here and there, working out, studying the roads and driving around to be familiar with the roads. I've been reporting out on the field too and learning more about the city that way as well. It's been fun! Looking forward to doing more here in the city. I have a few events to look forward to. I do want to get home soon though, eat some good'ol Cuban food! YUM! I need some pastelitos in my life!

SO, I guess in conclusion, I'm really enjoy myself out here, can't wait to see what the future holds for me.      I feel blessed.