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Monday, May 13, 2013

My time in El Paso

My time in El Paso

Well it’s been just about 5 months now and El Paso is a little city that no one would expect to have so

much beauty. Can I say I love this city, no that’d be a lie, because I love MIAMI. But I must say I really like
this little charming place.

I never really had Mexican food until now, OH EM GEE it’s good, hence why my pants are getting a little

tighter, yes it’s my pants that are shrinking (get it right). I love enchiladas montadas, huevos rancheros,
and my kryptonite CHIPS AND SALSA!
The BEST chips ever! 
This little place by the old cemetery called L&J’s is #Amazeballs. I could eat there every day if calories didn’t matter. But I keep it healthy, I like eating healthy too makes
the body feel good. Lots of event’s around here too, and just recently had fun at the wine fest at the
local winery La Vina.

There’s actually a lot to do here between the hiking trails on the Franklin Mountains to just laying

around pool side (of course you can do that anywhere). The scenery here is so beautiful, breath taking at
Random day and Mustangs magically appear.
Lethal Mustangs CC. 

A top the Franklins when the sun is setting is such a wonderful place to be. Hiking during the day
before the scorching sun takes over is a great “get-away”, and Las Cruces is just 30 minutes away. I love Las Cruces, such a great town. The history and the aesthetics of it is so charming, they have great folks out there and New Mexican food offers something a little different from El Paso. La Posta is so amazing, and yes it’s filling!

Speaking of filling, filling my apartment has been quite depressing...On a reporters salary it ain't easy buying furniture. It's always "would I rather buying this end table or food for the week"...that's the reality. So I live off a lot of protein shakes during the week. Only working to pay your rent and car is no fun, working about 10 hours a day fooorrrrr what?...yeah a little depressing sorry but I have to be blunt. If you're a young journalist or a parent of a kid that wants to become a journalist, heads up you'll be VERY broke for the first few years of your life. So you'll continue to live off your parents or save up before moving to the city where you're getting that first job. If it weren't for the help of my bf Jason than I'd be starving. So I come home to an empty apartment that holds a bed and a folding table with a few things hanging on the walls here and there. All good cause it'll all be over soon...stay tuned.
My View 
San Elizario 

So getting back to the fun side of this little ol'town. I had the opportunity to really enjoy the history of it, heading down to mission valley where some of the oldest churches in the country reside, from the first settlers, not just in TX but the US. I was so amazed by the beauty and skills the churches hold. So nice just being there. So much to treasure in this side of Texas, where you can really forget that you are in Texas. Yes it's dry, yes it's the desert, but it's so wonderful and beautiful. I can honestly say Miami does not hold this much beauty all around, only a few spots.

So I'm always excited to check out new spots in EL Paso, of which I'm still exploring. I look forward to when Jason comes to the Borderland so we can explore different places. This is our little town which will hold a lot of memories, bad ones, and great ones. I can really understand why people who are meant to stay here for a few years, stay for a longer time, because it has charm and the people are great! Another part of history I got to experience is the demolition of the ASARCO smokestacks. Well these things have been standing in this little Bordertown for almost a century, and they (owners and the city) decided to bring the towers down. Well I obviously got a quick history lesson about these smoke stacks. Put it this way, (short version) a big percentage of El Pasoans worked at this smeltering factory for their entire lives, families grew up with their dads going to work at ASARCO, children on their drives through Interstate 10 look out their windows seeing the ASARCO towers; for many generations ASARCO was a symbol of this town, until 2013. Of course the arguments of people getting deadly diagnoses from working at ASARCO was also a part of the story. But in the end they came down, history.
So besides that Jason and I have been stronger than ever, if he were here, he'd write his side of the story. Although very difficult, we're stronger now. The distance although is a little bit difficult he does enjoy showing up here in El Paso or randomly flying me to LA. I can't deny he has shown me what love truly is and how a woman should be loved, and it's a two way street, I don't intend on only receiving. But it's been beautiful our times together none the less.
As for El Paso... its a piece of history in my heart and will always have a place in my life when I can look back and say "El Paso yup, that town where I found myself."