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Born and raised in Miami, Lissette's passion isn't only enjoying the lovely south Florida weather and beaches, but also traveling which leads to new life experiences. She has a degree in Cardiovascular Technology and later she graduated from Miami Dade College with a degree in Television and Films. Lissette won the coveted title of Miss Florida USA 2011 and went on to represent her home state at the nationally televised pageant Miss USA, where she placed in the top 15.   Since the tender age of 5 she also enjoyed fixing cars with her dad -- classic cars to be specific. Her passion was almost immediate, as she was able to see the beauty that a good ole' classic bestows. Working on her first car a 1972 Chevy Bel-Air with her dad, it only got bigger and better. Now she's on a new journey for a new title, MOMMY! As Lissette documents her journey through her pregnancy, feel free to leave her tips!


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 months into my reign and...

Yes it's been 6 months about to be 7 months and it has been none stop action since winning my title in July of 2010. I think I will remain at the 6th month mark, has anyone figured out how to stop time??! The summer went by with flying colors, getting to know my great State of Florida and meeting wonderful supporters. The opportunity to support Alyssa Rivera in Miss Teen USA and Kamie Crawford Miss Teen USA 2010. Fall came and went with greatness, raising funds for Making Strides against Breast Cancer and the crowning of a new Miss Florida Teen 2011, Mikyle Crockett. I also headed back to school, changing my mayor for the term of my reign to Mass Communication and Journalism, something that I also wanted to do. Oh yeah and then came Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday! Winter had no blues for me this year as festivities leading up to the Winter Fest Boat Parade kept the holiday spirit in the air. Such a wonderful event to be a part of. Habitat for Humanity hosted me in the Gala down in Marathon Key, and then the Miami Dolphins. Then BAM 2011 is here, still in winter and enjoying every minute of it. Yes I love Miami, FL. for its wonderful weather, but I hate humidity, my hair hasn't looked this good for a while (I'm always hanging with Natalie Dyson of Florida Hair Extensions). Beginning a new semester in school and also a new semester in my preparations for Miss USA. Anybody know the date yet? I have no idea when it will be but keep your eyes open for sometime in June. Yes Rima Fakih will get an extra month in her reign (no fair, lol). It's going to be great either way. Right now working with my coaches and getting wardrobe ready, fitness ready, mentally ready, all to get Ready for the Pageant. Soon it will be Valentines Day, hmmm wonder what you're doing? Wait Superbowl is before that, I'm a Steelers fan! Steelers all the way baby! I <3 Polamalu...
Can't wait for the excitement of that night, and during that day is Miss Coral Gables USA 2012 where my girl Annile Hastey will be competing. Good Luck Girl!

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 is here...Time for Miss USA

Well no date has been set yet, but it's finally my year. Time to get the ball rolling and the game face on, well a smiling face because I'm so excited about Miss USA. Don't know where the location will be either, but hopefully in Vegas. As I'm gathering my thoughts, my goals, the game plan and my wardrobe, I am also focused on my cause Ovarian Cancer. I will soon be planning events for the cause, where I will invite all my friends to join in. But no doubt that the time has come.
Hitting the gym, going to school, and focusing on my future.