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Monday, April 27, 2015

On to the next Trimester

…Has been a dream. The second trimester has been the complete opposite from the first tri. At this point I’m in love with my changing body and the baby growing in me. My little human is slowing growing and becoming more visible every week, (or so I think). Only one new pregnancy symptom has arised this trimester, round ligament pain, only for the first two weeks of my second trimester.

Round ligament pain is felt as the uterus stretches to allow room for the baby, it can vary on a scale for many women, for me it was extremely painful. At first a dull pain starting at my left hip, which radiated down my leg. Slowly it grew to something that felt like a powerful menstrual cramp which hugged my groin to my lower back and I could not find a position in which to get comfortable. Then I began to feel nauseous and weak, terrifying thoughts raced through my mind (a miscarriage) fearing the worse I called my OB, who without skipping a beat told me what was happening to my body. The dull to sharp pain lingered for about 20 minutes, which once it all went away, I fell asleep. May have been the stress of it or just the pregnancy but I just fell asleep.

The pain came back the next day at the same exact time, same intensity, only this time I was able to find the perfect position to feel better, only side, opposite of the pain…yes It smoothly went away and no this time I didn't fall asleep but I was so relieved I was able to make it go away. The “growing pains” have been on and off through the last few weeks, nothing as bad as that first time, but I know its just stretching and not contractions.

Phew, as I type tonight I have my phone playing music for my little bundle of joy, I feel that it’ll help soothe and get the baby ready for bed. Just a little method I’ve been told to try to get the baby in to the habit of bed time, why you ask?…Ever since the baby started kicking (or me feeling it) the kickboxing workouts begin when I’m ready for bed. As I'm winding down, watching my late night tv, it’s non-stop movement in my belly…during the day, NOTHING! Basically sleeps all day until about 2PM. Well right now it’s 10PM and the Zumba classes have begun. 3am, yup she's kicking up a storm....I usually eat right before bed to help with the lack of food for the next 8 hours.

There's been a few days where I just have zero energy. I've had to just take it easy, sleep all day, and force myself to eat. Don't know the reason why, but growing a human can have something to do with it. Belly button is starting to poke out, and I wear support around my belly to help prevent Diastasis of the abdomen.  Not being vain but it does hurt without some support, I can feel my abdomen spreading apart and an umbilical hernia feeling as well. Wearing support during my workouts helps the most, along with kinesiotape and then post-baby I'll wear as well to help bounce back.  My feet still look and feel normal, back is starting to ache, but nothing more.

 I still a few weeks in my 2nd tri, but I can't wait to meet my baby girl!!!!.... We also went on our Baby moon to Vegas! We just love it there...maybe we'll go one more time before the baby comes ;)

Stayed at the Encore, partied at the Encore! When David Guetta is there, where else do we go?

We wanted breakfast at Mandalay Bay! So we hurried! 

Just a snap shot with Mojito on the strip! 

Parents to be!

Mojito in the Sports Book, waiting for the game.

Our fav! Michael Mina duck fat fries!