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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Part 3

Here she comes....

So now the epidural has sort of worn off, I can feel my contractions and even though it's not 100% pain, it still felt like my hip was going to break. Yes, it felt like my legs were going to fall off my hips but I refused to push the button for more juice aka epidural.  It was sort of a control thing, I wanted to know when my contractions were coming and not rely on the nurse telling me. So the doc is now in, her crew is in, the NICU was in. To be honest it was a bit overwhelming all these people in there just staring at my vagina waiting for Angelina to make her debut.

Now I am actively pushing and let me tell you it's the toughest work-out ever! Think of the time you worked out so hard your entire body was shaking so you stopped to rest, only this time there is no time to rest. I can describe it as doing an abs workout and continuing past your threshold where it burns beyond relief. I was sweating bullets, and flexing every muscle in my body. Every single one, from my face to my toes, everything was flexed. It was so intense I felt like I ran a marathon after it was all over. The doc was telling me to push, hold my breath and PUSH! I could barely hold and push for the full 10 seconds at this point, and I thought I was in shape.

I'm pushing, and deep breath, and push and deep breath...Then I hear,"I can see her hair!" and my mom of course is screaming as she has her camera phone all up in there. Yeah ALL UP IN THERE front and center. I haven't even seen THAT video at all, I don't want to. The things that happen to you down there NO ONE should ever witness. My mom has been a nurse for 30 years now and did her time in maternity, you'd think she'd be used to this, but no, when it's your own you get nervous and forget all your medical training. I keep pushing...but wait I'm in waaaaaaay too much pain! The doc tells me I'm in the ring of fire and I responded with "I know give me a second....'i turn and push the button' Oh thank GOD, more juice and all the pain went away.

By this point, I don't know what time it is. All I know that at 10:44am, it was all over.  Doc says I have about one good push and it'll all be over, just have to pass this ring of fire...Ring of Fire= the widest point the vagina will open and the head is right there stretching. When I was preparing for birth, someone told me to simulate the ring of fire you open your mouth and with your hands pull your mouth open even wider and when you can't pull apart anymore keep going...yeah...I have to pass this point and then her head is out and then the doc does the rest. Here I go....one big push.....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...I lost my grip...Lost my breath and lost my flex....baby was pulled back in the birth canal. FUHHHHHH....I just couldn't hold it, I couldn't push anymore.

The doc looked at me seriously, like a coach on the sidelines telling his team this is it, Hail Mary for the win...She said, "Lissette listen to me, take a deep breath and push with all you've got, this is it, Get Mad!". I just nodded and took a deep breath and gave it all I had. I'm sweating, I have pulled that damn starchy hospital gown off, I've drank about 2 gallons of water...we're doing this!

So I debated whether to post the actual video of the moment...well here you go. It's PG so nothing to worry about, there's worse on Youtube. lol