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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Almost there!

Well I am now about a month away so I figured I'll write before my world turns upside down! This last trimester has been on the brighter, not 100% awesome. I'm back to getting tired again, all the time! I have anemia, really low, so I'm battling that lack of energy. As well as the baby's growth spurt which will make me tired as more blood rushes to feed the baby and placenta. Growing a human isn't easy, but worth it in the end. 

Her movements are insane inside of me, even Jason is concerned about her summersalts in there and how her umblical cord moves along with her. She is also pressing on my sciatic nerve and it does hurt A LOT. She moves out of the way most of the time...but  ouch. Although I do have scoliosis my sciatic nerve hasn't bugged me since I was 20! I've also aliviated it with some Yoga and made a Pinterest heating pad (rice sack), and gotta thank Massage Envy for making it all feel better too. If you want to hook me up with a free massage, when you sign up at Massage Envy, give my name (Lissette Martinez) ;)... Pubic bone pain as well, as the baby is starting to get ready for birth, so the pelvis is openning. So many changes to the body WOW!

I did have a little scare last month, where we thought amniotic fluid was leaking. Can be scary because if there's  tear then I have to stay in bed rest until the baby comes. Well it was a false alarm, they said I could've just urinated on myself, I know it wasn't pee but it wasn't amnio either. They do a microscopic test and an ultrasound to make sure there's no rupture of the amnio sac....Needless to say they left me ALONE in the room with the Ultrasound machine... :) Soooooo I saw her hand, face, and her "private part" hee hee. Just making sure she's still a She. Also the baby was already in her head down birthing position, a little early but she already knows what to do.

I've been able to get the nursery straightened out with the help of my handy hubby, just doing the finishing touches. Her drawers are FULL of clothes, her closet is full as well. WOW she won't be lacking any outfits for her first year. It's all so adorable. I may have to change her every hour to be able to get her to wear all her cuttie things. :) Here's how my tiredness just takes over...anywhere, anytime!!
We've done the entire room already....

Our baby shower was amazing btw, we had a lot of fun and of course celebrating our little one was all the best! From the cake to my family (friends are family too) it was just perfect. Check it out!!!....


I am so excited to give birth, is that weird? Yes, I'm ready for the contractions, the water breaking, the stronger contractions, and the birthing all of it. I've moved beyond the nerves and embracing what my body will do in a month. I'm a woman, it might not be easy but it'll be so magical. Without a doubt, I'm ready. My doctor is on board with my birthing plan and the hospital is an all Women's hospita/birth center. Although a home birth sounds amazing, it's just not for me right now. I'd like to have a staff on hand if something goes wrong and the hospital isn't very close if there's an emergency. No nothing will happen, but better be safe. 

My birthing plan is a very natural one, I'll stay home until contractions are a lot closer together and no medicine unless needed. Squat bar will be used, birthing ball, massages, hot shower...music and limited interruptions in the room and anyone that doesn't belong in there stays out. Stress free, and I don't need people around me freaking out either....Planning on have up to an hour and a half of skin to skin time after the birth and not clamping the cord right away. These are things my doctor and the hospital already does so it's barely a birth plan, they don't do episiotomies, thet milk the cord, no epidural or any other meds unless mother wants it...its great! Of course all this depends on the day of. But I am one with my body and this incredible process it's about to embark on. 


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