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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Celebrating Black History Month is how I began the month of February, literally. I enjoyed an evening tea party the girls of Embrace Girl Power. Embrace Girl Power! After School Program & Camps is a non-profit 501©3 organization established in 2001, where little girls learn to be healthy, confident, ambitious and educated young ladies. As the ladies welcomed Ford Motor Company Fund Director, Pamela G. Alexander. Their afternoon tea party was a great success, as I enjoyed hearing the girls ask Mrs. Alexander questions about "what the Freedom Sisters means to her", and "What her favorite color was?" With other great guests in attendance such has Julie Guy and Tamera G from Those two girls in the Morning, on The Coast.

Embrace Girl Power

I always enjoy hanging with the girls and answering their questions. It's an enlightening experience when you know that they are listening and being motivated by my words. Simple words, but none the less they have some one to look up too. THe benefit of it the bombarding of hugs when they see me ;-) .


A sponsor of the Miss Florida USA pageant is Maroclin Distributers...They have absolutely an amazing selection of eye wear from simple to extravagant. Roberto Cavali eye wear gave me the opportunity to wear his designs in both Sunglasses and Reading glasses.
Yes I do wear glasses and contacts, and I enjoy my eye accessories. 8-)
The Miss Florida Family has brought together a great group of sponsors, that enjoy making the title holders proud of who they are and what they represent.

Also this month I had the honor to return to the Florida Seminole Tribe festival to judge their annual Mr. and Miss. Junior Seminole Princess pageant. Boy oh Boy was this a difficult pageant to judge. Just imagine, tiny little cute Seminoles parading in their traditional clothing, talking in their high pitch voices, smiling and stumbling over themselves...How do I find a winner amongst these cuties that I just want to pinch their cheeks!!!! I haven't received the pictures, I will post as soon as I get them. But I enjoy every time I am with the tribal members. They have such a different perspective on life and on to work. They truly believe in their traditions and passing it down to the youngins', that is why this pageant is an important celebration during the festival. I learn new things every time I hang with the Florida Seminole Tribe.

I also flew to Arizona to meet with the great photographer Benizo. Boy was Arizona a nice place, and the pictures were AMAZING! =) Benizo has a very artistic view, and when he looks through the lens of his camera magic happens, and then he captures it. Ben is such a great person to work with, and he really knows how to bring out that inner beauty. A relaxed atmosphere as he plays his hits on his Ipod, but thanks to the Lauren Carter Miss Vermont USA 2011, who was with us at the shoot, we heard a few better selection of songs. HA HA! It was nice to meet Lauren and Samantha at the shoot, you know we had the girl power thing going on, Oh and my mommy went along too =).

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