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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December closing 2010

As December began the Holiday season was felt through out the air. Beginning with Hanukkah, Coral Gables was celebrating. Then the Christmas tree was being completed for another great festive night. I love this season. Santas Enchanted Forest is up and running in South Florida if you have a chance to check it out, and the wonderful Disney Parades are also amazing.

Dec 4th I had the pleasure of driving south to Marathon Key, where I spent the night and was a guest of Honor for the Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys Gala. Alongside Jon Landau, producer of Avatar, we hosted the night, a great fundraiser for a wonderful cause. Located on mile marker 53 D'Asign Center was kind enough to hold the celebration for the Gala.
Raising money for families new homes was the theme of night. It was brought to everyone's attention that the Keys has no more land to build on, but that didn't stop the guests from donating towards new projects. For future homes they will be building on lots that are going to be donated by Marathon Key. New homes will continue to erect from Habitat for Humanity, this fluke has not stop them. It was a wonderful event with locals and even out of towners as far as Los Angeles to Boston, all of which were not going to give up getting away to the Florida keys, which is truly paradise. I'm already making plans for a future in the keys, lol, can't stop setting goals for myself.
This picture is from the backyard from the house I spent the night in Marathon. Tranquility Bay Resorts were excited to have Miss Florida USA staying with them.

From the Florida Keys, I drove back up to Miami, bright and early, to spend the afternoon with the Miami Dolphins. I was invited to walk the orange carpet and get interviewed, spend some time in the Ford Sideline Lounge and watch the cheerleaders practice, then off to watch the game in Club Level Seats. Front row seat on Club Level was the way to go, on this Sunday Football Game.

Thanks to LauRen Merola for the wonderful time at SunLife Stadium. Couldn't have been a better Sunday, well maybe if Henne didn't throw an interception within the last 2 minutes, causing us the game, it would've been a great Sunday. lol.
Still plenty of places to go and do in this December....

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