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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Counting down

Well it would be easier to just write as I go, but I go so much that sit down time is usually time to catch up, do homework, or prepare for the next day.

It's been 4 months since winning the title of Miss Florida USA 2011 and let me tell you it has been none stop. Yes it's true, it's a full time job with great benefits. Meeting wonderful people, going to great events, and the charities have been amazing. Basking in the title and doing all these wonderful things are the best.

I can only say that from here I can only take that next step on the ladder and become Miss USA. Will you join me? :) Of course you're invited to the big show!

pictures pictures pictures....we need pictures. Well you can also follow me on my fan page on Facebook. I tend to post more up to date events on there, it's just easier to text in a post there.

The holidays are coming and there will be many events revolving the holidays keep a look out for the parades, the events, and the charity events that will also be so very important in this time of year. A time of year when we all look back and the previous months, we start giving thanks, realize that we are fortunate and that there are many families out there that need us. Keep an eye out, the Miami Heat have a wonderful Thanksgiving Tradition of feeding the homeless. Hollywood Jaycees will be making baskets for needy families, and Toy for Tots is up and running with toy collections for children.

I'm thinking of my dress for Miss USA...and suggestions?

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